Michael Jones
Radio Controlled Airplanes

Building the Dave Patrick Ultimate


The radio is 9-channel Futaba PCM with 7 Hitec servos.  Two hi-torque, metal-gear 615MG's on the rudder and elevator, four 225BB micro's on the ailerons and an HS-300 on the throttle.  For power, I installed a 4.8V 1100mAh NiCad pack.   The four ailerons servos are wired to two channels using the aileron differential function of my Futaba transmitter.

Close-up of tail controls.  All of these controls are set up for pull-pull action with 6 cables running to the back.  

In preparation for mounting the large 4-stroke engine, the firewall was reinforced with 1/2" tri-stock and pinned with 1/8" dowels.  

The Saito 1.80 was mounted inverted on a large Du-Bro shock mount.  In its normal position, the carburetor interfered with the engine mount.  To resolve this and allow the engine to be mounted far enough back, the intake manifold was rotated about 30 degrees.  The carb was also rotated on the intake 180 degrees. 

A Sullivan 16 oz. tank was installed in a basic three line configuration.  The tank was mounted to the bracing with a layer of silicone and secured with supplied straps.

The bottom of the cowl was trimmed away to make room for the engine and muffler.  The stock Saito muffler was used.  

With the battery mounted just forward of the wing LE, the plane balanced out with the CG right on the recommended starting point.  This will make it easy to adjust the CG by simply moving the battery further aft.  Also, I didn't have to add any weight.  I have not accurately weighed the plane yet, but rough measurements indicate just over 12 lbs.