Michael Jones
Radio Controlled Airplanes

Giles 202


This plane had a rough life.  Rick Hall crashed it twice.  The last time was fairly severe.  He gave it to me and I repaired it (~50hrs). 

After Rick's last crash of the plane.

The breaks were repaired, heavily braced, and finished out smooth.

An OS 1.60 with a Pitts muffler was mounted.

It took a couple of new rolls of MonoKote to recover the bottom and front part of the top.  The striping was made by cutting MonoKote strips.

The plane finished out nicely and looked very good.  But that didn't last...

I balanced it at the exact starting point documented in the manual.  But it flew as though it was very tail-heavy.  The first flight was 2 laps long and ended with a high-speed landing.  I removed 4oz. of weight from the tail and flew it again.  This time it flew much better.  Full low-rate movement of the elevator would still cause it to snap but it was flying OK.  I flew it about 4 minutes then did a simple split-S at a very safe altitude.  Coming out of the split-S it snapped and remained in a dive.  I tried to pull out again being careful with the elevator and it snapped again.  It went into hard dirt at a near vertical attitude and high speed.  It left a small crater and a debris field that was over 20 feet long.

The plane structure was totally destroyed.  The radio was damaged.  The OS 1.60 ended up with some bend parts including the Pitts muffler and the crankshaft.  The servos were OK.

Post crash analysis:   Way too much elevator throw with no exponential made it difficult to be gentle coming out of the dive.  It was also still tail heavy and got worse as the 24oz fuel tank emptied.  Conclusion - pilot error with help from a poorly set up airplane.

The end.