Michael Jones
Radio Controlled Airplanes

Extra 300XS

This plane was built in December of 2000 from a SIG ARF kit.  This highly aerobatic 1/4 scale plane has a wing span of 73.5" and weighs 13.2 lbs.   The engine is a Saito 1.80 4-stroke generating almost 3 hp.  It will turn the 16" prop at about 9400 rpm.

Pictures of assembling the Extra300

In July 2001, I flew this plane in the Rocket City RC Big Bird Fly-in Air Show in Huntsville, AL.  The 2-day event featured over 100 large scale aircraft and hundreds of spectators. 

In July 2002, I changed the wing decals and flew this plane in the 2002 Big Bird Fly-in.  


2004 in-flight photo with latest decals.






Assembling the Extra300