Michael Jones
Radio Controlled Airplanes

Building the Extra300XS

Under the fiberglass cowling the Saito 1.80 was side mounted.  The carb was  rotated 180 degrees to allow easier access to the needle-valve.


Side mounting the engine permitted the use of a Slimline Pitts muffler with smoke support.  Fuel lines connect to a DuBro QwikFill valve.


Looking aft down the inside of the fuselage.  The rudder servo is in front with wires to the rudder horns running to the back.


Standard 1/4 scale civilian figure.  Painted to match plane colors.


Close up of the engine without the muffler.  A 16" (16x8) prop was used and capped with a 3" TruTurn aluminum spinner.


Inside the main servo compartment.  The receiver was wrapped in foam and tied in place with black nylon straps.  A reversing Y adapter was used to allow symmetric mounting of the elevator servos.  The Y module is padded and mounted for here for easy adjustment.


Completed plane.  Wing decals added later.